sAIL camp

I have made a video to explain the project “sAIL camp”. Context of referenceThe diagnosis of an onco-haematological disease represents one of the most impacting and destabilizing events that a person can experience in his or her life.When they strike, these diseases cause enormous upheavals in every area of ​​the life of those who get… Continue reading sAIL camp

DevOPS Agile Skills Association

I have been working with Deborah Burton from the DevOPS Agile Skills Association to produce a video promo that explains their mission and their vision.

ITIL Practitioner

I have been working on a video project that consisted in producing 9 short cartoon movies. The objective was to promote and explain the advantages of the new Axelos certification: ITIL Practitioner. Her you can see one of the 9 videos that I have produced together with Niels van Rikxoort, using the illustrations made by… Continue reading ITIL Practitioner


This project has the scope of communicating to the company partners all the advantages of working with ITpreneurs. Using the illustrations made by Mur Tarragona, I have produced a total of 5 videos.